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Friday, May 8, 2009

Profecting His Agenda

U.S. Supreme Court Justice, David Souter, soon to be retired, will be replaced by a Justice of Obama's choosing which will shape a future towards a NWO. Although Souter has been a moderate-to-liberal judge while serving, Obama's pick is sure tobe more attuned with what he has planned on his agenda. Eventhough this is unlikely to have an ideological shift on the makeup of the court, it is highly likely that the next Justice who retires will, especially if Obama is elected to a second term. There is already speculation that President Obama will choose a woman, or a Hispanic, though they are missing the point. We are discussing the next Supreme Court Justice in terms of "representation" instead of the purpose on how they "interpret" and "protect" the law. We have strayed from the important aspects of appointing someone a life long job in the highest court in America.

President Obama says he will choose a nominee that has a "quality of empathy" and said that it is "an essential ingredient for arriving at just decisions and outcomes." This is very dangerous given that, the sole job responsibility of a Supreme Court Justice is to interpret the law and protect our Constitutional rights regardless of one's feelings or emotions. Someone of this nature surely will not protect the Constitution, but want to change it. This shows how far to the left this administration is willing to push the Supreme Court away from the democratic process which is set in concrete. Having "empathy" does not protect the 14th Amendment which guarantees all Americans "equal protection of the laws". Having empathy for groups A and B, does not protect groups Y and Z.

This could also hurt Obama if he chooses a nominee that is to far left, which most conservatives are predicting he will do. In order for this to have any affect on the future ideological makeup of the courts, Obama will need to choose very cautiously. He will need a Justice like Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Stephen Breyer. Someone with broad experience, who is rich in intellect, and has a personality that can persua the other Justices. This requires a Justice that is pragmatic and able to rebuild from the center, otherwise, he will have wasted maybe his only chance to shift the higher court or take it in a new direction. Given the right pick, this can be an opportunity for President Obama to establish a foundation in the high courts (through his pick) and have a sure vote on the big-time issues that shape our laws. Not only for him but for many liberal presidents to come.

One thing is foresure, how President Obama chooses his pick will play a major role in the direction America will take in the future, and that scares me...

Until next time...God Bless Us All!

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