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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Liberals And Their Differences

Most of Americans, mainly LIBERAL Americans, do not seem to care who is elected the next Supreme Court Judge and may not even understand what it means to our country. I'm not judging any one person or implying that if your a liberal, you are stupid, this is besides the point. Most liberals feel a sense of pride or security when their candidates are elected into office. Some feel that the right policies and decisions will be made regardless of what the overall outcome may be. Some liberals also feel that they have no control over what policies and decisions their elected officials make and that their opinion would not make any difference anyway.

The problem is that most liberals let their pride stand before their integrity. They are to proud to contradict their President's judgement. How can they oppose a President's decisions or his policies when they voted him into office. How can they go against a President that they have wanted in office for the past eight years, well at least, the last seven years anyway. This seems to be the issue that most liberals have adopted over the last decade, mainly because of the Bush era. Most liberals have a feeling of resentment toward conservatives and their views. Mainly inpart from the conflict that has took place in the Middle East most of Bush's terms added with the current economic crisis that is now affecting the country in its worst. Who else is their to blame other than the conservatives. By blaming the Republican party for the current issues affecting America today, Democrats feel justified in opposing issues that inhabit conservative policies regardless of whether they work or not. Again, most liberals let their pride stand before their integrity, and allow ignorance to justify what is right against what maybe true. If liberals would ask themselves, who lead the House of Representatives during Bush's two Presidential terms, most probably would not know the answer to this question.

So would it be safe to say that conservatives are smarter then liberals when it comes to politics. In a sense, I would have to say yes and here's why. Most conservative voters make their decision based on the policies and goals set by a candidate rather than what political party he or she belong to. Don't get me wrong, political party does matter, but most rely on their decision based on a candidate's track record, or previous policies that they have opposed on or given their approval for as well as what they have accomplished during their political career. Also by what moral and ethical values the candidate supports and has stood by. During this past Presidential election, liberals in support of the Democratic party and conservatives alike came out in record numbers and placed their votes regardless of their candidates ability to fulfill the job, but instead by who their candidates political party was in support of. So what does this tell us? That most liberals don't care about the real politics involved but rather what party is elected into office.

Let's face it, politicians will be politicians. It's their profession to lie and cheat to suceed. It's in their human nature to do what it takes to climb the corporate latter, to get ahead, and for most, at whatever the cost. Most politicians don't even care about right and wrong, or believe in fighting for what you want or what you deserve. Only what it takes to achieve and acquire the most political power for themselves and their political party.

Most liberals have adapted to the notion that "if you are a Republican, you must be rich", or that conservatives do not care about poor people so conservatives are wrong no matter what they believe is right. Or, since I am living poor and I depise the rich, I will vote for the Democratic party because they believe in providing for the poor. Yet, they fail to see the bigger picture of politics. What policies work, what policies have worked in the past, and what is right, both morally and ethically. The truth is that, liberal policies with social agenda's have never worked when it comes to strengthening the economy and using bigger government to control the social issues that create problems and weaken the country.

Instead it has only lead to bigger government spending to pay for the bigger government needs such as the infrastructer for new government agencies that need more government funded jobs. This also takes away jobs from independent businesses and agencies that operate in a free market. Liberal policies lead to higher unemployment rates. Mainly due to the higher taxes that are put on the middle and upper classes, resulting in corporate and company downsizing, especially the majority of blue-collar jobs. Inflation is a result due to the increases in minimum wage for the lower paying jobs. This in turn increases the overall cost of living and results in people tightening their belts and spending less. This makes it harder for the economy to grow the destroys a free market that strengthens our country's GDP. These are some of the liberal issues that cripple society and prevent America's economy from growing. These are the most important and vital issues that play a role in America's future, both foriegn and demestic.

We have been living in a time where we let our politicians (mainly liberal politians) make the rules regardless of what the people say or think, or what is morally considered a right decision. We have continued to allow them to bend and twist a constitution that has made this country what it was 10-20 years ago, the youngest, richest and most powerful free country in the world. From this, our country's position and where we stand in the world has been slowly deminishing. We continue to allow them to create civil liberty laws that protect the individuals right regardless of what is morally right and how it effects others around them. Gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research, smoking, minimum wage, taxes, just to name a few (feel free to debate me on any of these issues if I have offended you or your beliefs). But I shouldn't have to name them because I know we have all felt the effects of them. And these aren't just conservative beliefs, we have slipped away from the laws and policies that once protected our nation and made us strong, made us united, and that made us the "United States of America". Who we allow to be chosen as our next Supreme Court Justice will play a vital role in America's future which is what my next article will focus on.

Until next time....God Bless Us All!

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  1. Most liberals seem to want a Utopian society. Now, considering most liberals don't seem to have God in their life, then it would make sense to run after something you'll never have. Apart from God, there is no Utopia. - I liked your post.

    http://www.FaithfulinPrayer.wordpress.com (read the bill)