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Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's With the Softball Questions?

President Obama has been praised through our media and blessed with questions such as "what has enchanted you so far in the first 100 days of your Presidentcy?". The Liberal media and press are playing mind games with the world and treating President Obama as if he is a celebrity rather than a President of the United States. Now this is rediculous and out right wrong of our media to avoid the questions to the real issues we are facing and questions that we need answers to. Yet during press conferences the media sticks him with humbling questions as if we wonder if he is comfortable as President or our concern is getting to know him more personally rather than politically. I believe the Liberal media try's to mock conservatives by wasting our time and press time with softball questions they know we care nothing about. When President Obama is asked serious questions, he knows how to beat around the bush and avoid giving us a direct answer, or avoids it by giving us the same-old half-ass answer. I use to look forward to press conferences to get the answers I'm looking for but now I just can't wait to end the next four years. Four years minus 103 days and counting.

Let me set this straight. I do not hate President Barack Obama, I respect him, he is my President and I understand his job, especially today it must be overwhelming. But he needs to deliver and I'm not impressed.

Until next time...God Bless Us All!

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